Choosing the right Floodgate

This video shows how to measure up for a Floodgate and just how easy they are to install.

Domestic Doorway Flood Protection from Floodgate Ltd
Unique Doorway Flood Protection from Floodgate Ltd

How does it work?

Floodgates comprise of a 25mm thick, boxed steel frame covered by a 7mm thick grey rubberised cover.

A jacking mechanism attached to the rear of the frame allows both the frame and cover to expand telescopically widthways into the walled area (the reveal) immediately in front of the door. Four bolts situated along the bottom edge of the frame are then adjusted to provide a seal along the ground.

Due to its unique expandable design, Floodgate does not normally need any permanent fittings to the property and does not require pre-drilling of the door frame, making it ideal for use on old and listed buildings.

Any remedial work which may be required to square and even the surfaces to help achieve a tight seal, can usually be undertaken by a competent DIYer.

All Floodgates are 68cm (2’3”) high – research shows that above this level, water pressure on the outer walls can be powerful enough to cause structural damage.

A single Floodgate provides superior protection than over 50 sandbags yet it weighs less than one! A Floodgate is also a lot easier to store and is completely reusable.

Floodgates have been independently tried and tested to BSI PAS1188-1:2014.

Find the latest install guides and brochures on our Downloads Page

What sizes are available?

We stock 5 “off-the-shelf” Floodgates with other sizes and versions available to special order:

EXTRA SMALL 68.0cm – 77.0cm, 14.0Kg (approx)

STANDARD 77.0cm – 89.0cm, 15.0Kg (approx)

REGULAR 89.0cm – 97.5cm, 16.0Kg (approx)

MEDIUM 97.5cm – 113.0cm, 16.5Kg (approx)

LARGE 119.5cm – 136.0cm, 18.0Kg (approx)

The majority of our customer’s needs are satisfied by the off-the-shelf sizes but here are some indicators that you will need to contact us before ordering your Floodgate solution:

  • The opening that you want to protect is more than 136 cm (4′ 6″) wide – we have larger gates available to special order
  • The door requiring protection opens outward – we have bespoke gates available to special order.
  • You are unsure where to measure or the walls and/or ground is uneven or you have minimal depth of reveal or anything else – we are happy to discuss your needs

You can contact us through the Contact Page on this site, by email to or by phone on 01267 234205.