Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the Floodgate easy to install?
Watch the video of installing a Floodgate:
Q. Will Floodgate work in my doorway?
Floodgates can be successfully used on most entrances with inward opening doors. As each gate is only 25mm thick we recommend a minimum walled reveal of 40mm, though the more surface for the gate to sit against the better the seal. All contact surfaces should be flat & level to achieve the best seal possible.
Q. My door opens outwards, can I use a Floodgate to protect it?
Yes. In this instance, a modified unit will be required, which will allow the installer to fit it from the outside.
Q. Can I use a Floodgate to protect a door from the inside?
Yes, this is possible (if sufficient room is available). Many of our commercial clients use Floodgate in this way to help protect fire exits.
Q. The reveal in front of my door is uneven, will this affect the seal?
It will depend on the degree of unevenness. The thickness of the jacket affords some tolerance but, the smoother, the even the surface the better the seal. If, for example, there are large protrusions, then rendering the area will quickly and cheaply rectify the situation. We recommend installing the barrier during dry conditions and testing the seals using a hosepipe or similar, to determine what, if any, remedial work might be required.
Q. Have Floodgates been independently tried and tested?
Yes, Floodgates, Ventguard and Smart Airbricks have all undergone independent testing to BSI PAS1188-1:2014 carried out by hydrologist engineers at HR Wallingford & BRE.
Q. Is the product guaranteed?
The stringent physical tests carried out ensure the effectiveness of the product which also carries a 12 month manufacturers warranty.
Q. Are there any hidden costs?
No. Our prices are competitive because there are no permanent fittings to the property, the products do not need to be serviced professionally and, whilst we are delighted to offer advice, a site survey is unnecessary in the vast majority of instances.
Q. How quickly will I receive the unit if I were to place an order?
As our normal range of units are available off the shelf, we aim to despatch within 7 working days (subject to seasonal demand).
Q. How can I pay?
We accept most major credit/debit cards, payment by cheque or direct bank transfer.
Q. How do I go about ordering?
Please contact us direct, where one of our helpful, trained team will be able to assist you with your requirements. Alternatively, if you know which product you require, visit our online store to order now, or find your nearest supplier.
Q. Can I buy a new jacket for my Floodgate?
Yes. You can purchase new jackets and ratchet spanners from our online store.