Stanchion System for Wide Openings

The stanchion system allows multiple Floodgates to be connected together to form a continuous flood protection barrier.

The system comprises two basic parts; a blue, powder coated mild steel upright and, a grey stainless steel ground anchor that the upright bolts on to.

The uprights can be deployed in a matter of minutes and are completely removable, allowing unhindered access in non flood conditions.

The anchor is set permanently into the ground leaving its top face flush with the surface. Four grub screws are supplied to protect the threaded mounting holes on the anchor from dirt and damage when the upright is not attached.

When the time comes to deploy the system, simply remove the protective grub screws from the anchor and attach the upright using the capscrews and allen key provided. Floodgates can now be fitted into position between the stanchion and walls to complete the job.

The Floodgate stanchion system is ideal for protecting larger openings such as garage doors, shop entrances, factory doors or even driveways.

CLICK HERE to download the Stanchion Installation Manual