Apr 03 2016 - Flood Re launches the flood re-insurance scheme - Flood Re has been set up to help those in flood risk areas find affordable flood insurance. Visit the website to find out more.

Mar 01 2016 - Warnings of Rogue Traders operating in flood affected areas are coming from Trading Standards and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau - Durham & Darlington Council have posted some very good advice on their "Keep in the Know" website HERE - please take the time to read it, wherever you are.

Jan 09 2016 - Nicola Sturgeon announces £12m to support severe weather recovery - The funding will be used by Local Authorities to provide every household, business premises or charity directly affected by flood water with a grant of £1,500.

Local Authorities which have suffered the most damage as a result of the flooding have been allocated a share of the fund, however, people in any part of Scotland who have suffered flood damage as a result of the severe weather can apply for a grant, with Scottish Government meeting the cost.

In addition to flood relief support, businesses whose ability to trade has been severely affected by flooding will be able to apply for an additional grant of £3,000 funded by the Scottish Government and administered by their Local Authority. More »

Dec 30 2015 - Now the flooding has spread to include areas of Yorkshire and Lancashire, the government has announced that the scheme originally covering Cumbria will be extended as well. For more information go to

Dec 14 2015 - According to the Chancellor's announcement at Prime Minister's Questions today (Wednesday 9th December 2015) It looks like the Repair and Renew Grant, or something very similar, is being reintroduced for those who have been affected by the flooding in Cumbria and Lancashire over the last weekend.

Watch this space and the national news for more information.


floods destroy be prepared

FLOODGATE are supporting the Environment Agency with the annual awareness-raising campaign #floodaware.

The campaign will run a range of media and social media activity alongside partnership work and community engagement. The Environment Agency wants people to check their flood risk, sign-up for free warnings and know what to do if a flood happens.

There are simple things people can do to better protect those close to them, their home and their business from flooding. The Environment Agency is urging people to sign-up to free flood warnings. You can register by calling Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or by visiting the GOV.UK website.

floods destroy be prepared

Do you know what to do in a flood?

There is a tendency for us all to think that "flooding will never happen to me". The fact is - it could.

Almost 5 million people in England are at risk of flooding and this is only going to increase with a changing climate. The Environment Agency is running a flood campaign in early November to encourage you to act now to prepare for a flood. Have you ever checked to see if you are at risk from flooding? Would you know what to do in a flood? What could you do now to save you time, money and worry if it happened tomorrow?

Don’t let your business count the cost of a flood

In 2013-14, the wettest winter on record saw 3,200 commercial properties flooded and 7,700 homes flooded. While the costs to businesses are still being counted from these floods, we know they can be high; the economic cost of the 2012 floods is estimated to be £70,222 for each business flooded.

There are around 260,000 business units employing 3.2 million people located in areas at risk of flooding and flooding is set to become more common as the climate changes.

floods destroy be prepared

The Environment Agency is running a flood campaign in November to make people think about what a flood could mean to their home and business and take action.

Have you ever considered the impact flooding could have on your business? Are your employees, business operations, supply chain or customer base at risk? There are simple steps you can take to help protect your business from flooding and to get ready for a changing climate.

  • Sign-up for free flood warnings for your area
  • Develop a business flood plan
  • Complete a free business resilience healthcheck and get a personalised report about how your business can prepare for flooding and severe weather

Visit to take the following simple steps to help protect you, your family, your home and business from flooding.

Information supplied by the Environment Agency: