About Us

The Floodgate door barrier was developed in the mid 1990’s in conjunction with the University of Wales and the Welsh Office and we are still manufacturing them in Wales today.

Floodgate is one of a small number of flood protection products to have successfully passed the stringent physical tests set by the Environment Agency and conducted by hydrologist engineers from HR Wallingford.

With well over 30,000 units currently providing reliable flood defence to properties throughout the UK, Europe, America and Australasia, we are a world-wide leader in flood protection.

Our extensive portfolio of customers include the Environment Agency, local authorities, housing associations, water utility companies, engineering companies as well as the general public.

We are also proud to announce that our manufacturing quality systems are certified to ISO9001.

According to the Association of British Insurers, 90% of flood damage is caused by just the first inch of water and the average flood claim is £15,000-£25,000. These statistics make Floodgate protection a cost effective approach to the threat of flooding.


Full protection to private, public and commercial properties in Appleby, Cumbria – in conjunction with our Cumbrian stockists, JT Atkinson builders merchants – pilot project run jointly by the Environment Agency and local council

Full protection to private and commercial properties in Lower Solva, Pembrokeshire – pilot project scheme run by the Welsh Environment Agency.

Councils – supplying flood defence products to protect municipal buildings as well as, private individuals via council funding – Conwy County Borough Council, Carmarthenshire County Council, Allerdale Borough Council, Halton Borough Council, Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council, Hull City Council, Bedford Borough Council, Sedgefield Borough Council, Surrey Heath Borough Council, Wolverhampton City Council.

Housing Associations – supply of products to associations including Impact Housing and Derwent and Solway (both Cumbria), Inspace partnerships (Barnsley), Portsmouth housing (Hampshire), Rooftop housing and Worcester community housing (both Worcestershire), Saffron housing (Norfolk), Headrow housing (Yorkshire).

National Trust – supplying products to protect listed buidlings throughout the UK.

Supplying water ingress relief to properties in the Greater London catchment area –project with WERM and Thames Water.

Products supplied to Kelda Water Services to help protect properties in Briton Ferry, South Wales which is prone to flash flooding.

Other water utility clients include Severn TrentYorkshireWessex and Southern water

Several self help flood groups including Childswickham, Wolverley village and Wantage. .

Hawick town and surrounding area – NHS hospital, health centres, municipal buildings, schools, factories, as well as, private and commercial properties.

Council scheme to protect properties on the estuary flood plain at Fort William. 
Client – Highlands Council.

Commercial, private and municipal property protection in Stirling.
Client – Stirling County Council.


Floodgates are excellent, they are the only kite-marked solution that we have found that enables us to respond so quickly to flood risk.

The fact that they are completely re-usable is an added bonus making them extremely cost effective. We have evaluated other products but they all require preparatory work on properties before deployment, defeating the object of rapid deployment.

Adam Smith, River Inspector for the Coastal Protection and Flooding Unit - Aberdeenshire Council

We bought two of your Floodgates after the 2007 floods and are very pleased to report that, having had their first proper test since then, they have passed with flying colours. One gate held back 21” of water and avoided approx 4” of water entering our house

Jeff Clarke

Although we appreciate that insurance companies are businesses that need to balance their risk, it still came as a major shock to find out that they would no longer provide any flood cover whatsoever.

It was fortunate that our brokers had the foresight to look beyond the immediate response and bring in Floodgate to help us come up with a strategy to reduce our risk to insurable levels.

Tony Jones - Summer Inns Ltd.

Last year I purchased one of your domestic floodgates. This afternoon we had a most unexpected high tidal surge and it quickly became clear that the water was about to pay us a very sudden visit. As I am disabled and live alone, I phoned a very good friend and in a few minutes we had the Floodgate in place. I am pleased to tell you that not a drop got past the barrier and I am now able to relax. I have every faith in the Floodgate. Many thanks for your brilliant product. There have been a few raised eyebrows this afternoon with questions such as "What! you have no sand bags?" I just say that with Floodgate - "I don’t need sandbags!!"

Mr Kerr (Banffshire)

The way that Floodgate works means that there are no day to day obstructions to the shop which would interfere with the business or customer entry...this has been an ideal solution for me.

Niall Cowan - Managing Director, Dumfries Scooters

Floodgates have proved to be excellent value for money. Our insurance company reduced our flood excess from £10,000 to £1000 after we sent them photographs of the products in place.

Karen Evans (Gloucestershire)