floodgates protect doorways protect larger doorways with floodgate stanchion system protect businesses with floodgates

Unique Protection against Flood Water

protect your doorways

The simplest way to protect your doorways - no need for permanent modification to your property and can be installed in minutes...

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Wider Openings
protect wider openings

Link multiple Floodgates together with our simple stanchion system that, once installed, can be enabled in minutes...

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protect your airbricks

Airbricks can be protected simply by our Ventguards or use the SMART AirBrick for 'fit and forget' operation...

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protect your drains

It's hard to imagine something worse than sewage flowing back into your house - the answer is to fit non-return valves...

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Latest News

Repair & Renew Grants

George Osborne announces financial help for flood victims in Cumbria and Lancashire - early days but it looks like the return of Repair & Renew....

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Quay Bakery
Family Brewery protects our heritage

St Austel Brewery owns and operates a network of 170 pubs, inns and hotels stretching from the Scilly Isles to Bristol. ...

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Hawbridge Inn
The rains in Africa

The International School of Tanganyika is a not-for-profit day school located on two campuses in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania....

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Baileys Jewellery
Protecting National Infrastructure

Floodgates supplied to Gatwick Airport protect key areas from flooding ensuring continued operation in the most extreme conditions...

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